Support with Integrity

Suzette will:

  • be patient, persistent, and encouraging.
  • be honest, realistic and truthful.
  • give constructive feedback, guiding the student to a more true and clear expression of his/her own story, in his/her own voice.
  • support students in managing their own essay writing process.

Suzette will not:

  • use a one-size-fits all approach, as she recognizes that students process and produce quality work in different ways.
  • slickly package students or their stories.
  • write or re-write essays for students.
  • co-opt the student’s responsibility to be the ultimate manager of his/her own process.

Suzette firmly believes that each student is “enough” just the way they are, and that her role is to encourage and support students and their families with integrity. If you are looking for that kind of support, please contact Suzette for more information.

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