Personal Statement Essay Process

“Getting Started”—Once an appointment has been made, Suzette will email “Getting Started,” a request for information about the student that will jumpstart the process. Parents will also receive a request for information about the student, which is a recommended (and optional) part of Write2College’s process.

Brainstorming—A 60-90 minute meeting (in person or via video-chat) with Suzette to review the “Getting Started”  information sheet (ideally received in advance of the meeting), brainstorm about possible essay topics, and decide on a topic for the personal statement essay. Suzette will outline the next steps for the student’s individualized process.

From Idea to Final Product —Suzette will support the student in managing his/her own writing process. Timely feedback will come via email, video chat or occasional in-person meetings, as geographical proximity permits. Suzette will follow-up with email summaries of  video-chat and in-person meetings that will include reminders about next steps and deadlines.

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