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just do itThe Meetup name caught my attention: Lancaster Writes Now!  A monthly gathering of writers at The Candy Factory,  a co-working space, located three minutes from my new home.

On the day after I moved to town! I had to check it out …

I mingled with other writers, heard their stories, drank wine, ate pretzels. I’m learning that in Lancaster there are always pretzels, which suits me just fine.

Then at 7 pm, we were asked to settle into our workspace and start writing.

For one hour. 

The room was silent, save for the tapping of keys and the scratching of pens. I left my laptop at home, deciding I’d write more freely by hand.

Sixty minutes later, I was astonished. I’d written ten pages. Of the variety of what Anne Lamott used to call a sh–ty first draft but now calls a terrible first draft.

Ten pages!!

One hour was all it took. One hour without checking email, surfing Facebook, getting up to move the laundry into the dryer.

I just did it!

Next step for me: Find a way to “just do it” more than one hour a month.

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Author: suzettemullenharrel

I write memoir, and I coach students through the college and graduate school admissions essay writing process.

One thought on “Write Now!”

  1. Synchronicity! Last week I looked into the Houston Meetup writers group near us. I haven’t found a time I could attend yet, but now I’m inspired to make more of an effort.

    Thanks for sharing!


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