A walk around the lake

I turned to Sarah and said, “I can’t believe I never walked around this lake before.”

The beautiful, iconic Lake Waban at Wellesley College, the lake that I peered at for hours perched on my favorite purple chair in the library, the lake that I had never rowed a boat on, taken a swim in, or shockingly, walked around.

The girl I was in the early ’80s, the oh-so-serious student, didn’t realize what she was missing.  She was on a different journey — a journey where achievement and accomplishment seemed to be the most important things in life.

Thirty years later, I’m on another journey, with different priorities. A leisurely stroll around the lake with life-long friends.  Conversations over coffee with no agenda. Deeply felt laughter remembering shared histories.  A new willingness to admit mistakes and regrets, and know that I am understood.

To all the people I know who are in transition — from high school to college, from college to first job, from full time parenting to empty nest — blessings for the journey completed.

And blessings for the journey to come.

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2 Responses to A walk around the lake

  1. Cathy McGuire says:

    Beautiful!!!! For some reason I thought we were meeting today. I should have confirmed. Anyway, see if next Monday after Dom”s class works for you. Love, Cathy



  2. lynnmorstead says:

    Beautiful. Am blessed that I can now also understand this message.


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