Quick – Elevator Doors Opening!

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression — the “Elevator Pitch.” You have a minute or less to tell about yourself, your business, your project, your passion, before the elevator doors open and your fellow rider gets off. What do you say?

You’re a high school senior and you have no more than 650 words to tell your story to a overworked, tired college admissions officer. You are a non-profit organization constrained by grant application guidelines.  In order to communicate effectively in a limited time and space, you need to have a clear sense of who you are, know the specific purpose of your communication, and understand who your audience is.

Crafting a mission statement is a good place to start. Mission statements can be tailored to the particular purpose of the communication and the particular audience.  For example, the mission statement for my business, Montauk Writer, is to help individuals and non-profit organizations effectively communicate their stories.  My personal mission statement is to live faithfully by serving others, always looking to God for my direction.

Who’s riding in the elevator with you and what do you want to tell them? Quick — the doors will be opening before you know it!

Author: suzettemullenharrel

I write memoir, and I coach students through the college and graduate school admissions essay writing process.

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