Know Thyself

Digging through a box of old letters, I came across the following exchange between my father and me:

February 4, 1979
Dear Dad,
Contrary to predictions, I survived my mid-stay week. … About six of us spent three hours one night discussing what was the most important thing in life — some ideas:  religion, happiness, knowing oneself, love, and facing the reality of death.  Guess which one was mine?
Love, Suzette

February 12, 1979
Dear Suzette,
 … To  your letter. Glad your country week is over — it could have been worse — you made it through and seemed to enjoy being with the other kids. What did you think was the most important thing in life? I’d be interested in knowing.
Love, Dad

March 2, 1979
Dear Dad,
… You didn’t guess what I thought was the most important thing in life? Well, obviously, “know thyself” … 
All my love, Suzette

Knowing yourself. Knowing who you are — your strengths, your gifts, your purpose — and effectively telling your story to the world.  I’ve discovered that helping students and non-profits communicate their stories is central to who I am.

Know thyself.  It starts right there.


Author: suzettemullenharrel

I write memoir, and I coach students through the college and graduate school admissions essay writing process.